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Please select the brand of your cabinet and then enter the model number. If not known / Showing try Various or Click Here to go to our enquiry page.

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Commercial Fridge Seals

Commercial Fridge Seals (Gaskets) - to DIY or installation by Fridge-Seal available in the Melbourne area.

To DIY, if you know the make of your fridge, go to our Fridge-Seal shop (above right) and enter the model number, if you don’t know the model enter ‘various’.

If you don’t know the make you can browse our commercial profile range (this includes coolroom seals) and order by profile/type and size: Click Here

If you are still unsure - and we know it sometimes isn't easy - please email or phone us, we’re here to help.

Installation If you require installation please email or phone us and we will assist.

Our installation service is limited to the Melbourne area.

You can also bring your doors to us for a quick seal replacement. Just make an appointment.

Why? While many venues wait for a health order, it is worth considering that worn seals will cause your refrigeration units to work harder, encourage bacterial and fungal growth, increase your electricity bill and increase food spoilage.

We are professional, friendly, helpful and our prices are competitive. Look no further – if you need fridge seals, contact us.

We can provide seals to suit these commercial brands (and many more)!

Commercial brands that we can supply replacement seals for include: 2 Cool, Abyss, Afinox, Albany, Aladdin, Alpeninox, Angelo Po, Anthony, Anvil, Arcus, Ardco, Arneg, Artisan, Austral, Austune, Austwide, Barmaster, Bendex, Berjaya, Beverage Air, Black Magic, Blizzard, Bondor, Brandon, Britex, Bromic, Burton, Caravel, Carrier, Carter Hoffman, Centaur, Central Glass, Chiller, Cisaplast, Comfridge, Cookquip, Cornelius, Criosbanc, Cronos, Crown, Crystal Clear, Crystal Tips, D & S, DL, Delfield, Derby, Desmon, DGD, Electrofreeze, Electrolux, Euro Cryor, Euro Frigor, Everest, Everlasting, Exquisite, FAFI, Fagor, FED, Fisher Paykel, Focus, Foster, Fralu, Framec, Frankie, Friginox, Frigorex, Frigrite, Frostech, GEC, Gem, GMD, Goldstein, Gram, Greenline, Gren, Grosvenor, Gurbare, H & K, Harpain, Hec Cater, Hoshizaki, Husky, Hussmann, Iarp, Ice Blue, ICS, Ilsa Pacific, Irinox, ISA, Just, Kelvinator, King’s, Kingco, Kleer Kube, Koldtech, Kristina, Kysor Warren, Lainox, Lassele, Leer, Liebherr, Linde, McAlpine, Mafirol, Markforce, Maslen, Mercer, Mitchel, Mondial, Nightingale, Nuline, Olis, Orband, Orford, Pastorfrigor, Pastorkalt, Petersville, Pioneer, Polar, Polaris/Polariz, Premiere, PureLink, Quick Cool, Quipwell, Quirks, Refrigerated Displays, Reynolds, Rhino, Rinnai, Riteway, Saeco, Sagi, Saltas, Sancon, Sanden, Sanyo, Schott, Shacklock, Shamrock, Silver King, Sirius, Skope, Snelle, Snow, Staycold, Stoddarts, Supertron, Surpass. Taylors, Technidoor, Tecnomac, Tekna, Termofrost, Thermoline, Thermotec, TMMC, Topaz, Tundra, Turbo Air, Trent, True, Tyler, United, Vendo, Vestfrost, Vintec, Vitrifrigo, Wellquip, Williams, Xuing, Zanussi, Zoin and many, many more.