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Fridge-seal has been the leader for over 30 years, Is your fridge sealing, fridge not getting cold? However you need to check the door seal or gasket.

If you need a fridge seal replacement, is your freezer icing up? you cannot be purchased from Bunnings, contact us for a new fridge seal.

We have seals to suit brands such as Admiral, Amana, Astor, however Centrex, ,Electrolux and Fisher & Paykel Frigidaire and Ice Blue and Kelvinator.

Mitsubishi ,Orford, Philips, Samsung, Sanyo, therefore Sharp, Simpson, but Skope, therefore Westinghouse, Whirlpool and Williams fridge door seal.

Without a functioning fridge seal, a fridge (or freezer) will struggle to operate at the correct temperature to keep food in a safe condition.

If your freezer seal needs changing, it is likely you are paying for too much electricity and your food will be spoiling much faster than it should.

Buying a fridge door seal from us is easy – visit our online shop by choosing the make (brand) of your fridge from the drop-down list (if your make isn’t listed just choose ‘other’). Enter the model number. Fridge door seals are very important when keeping your food cold. A new fridge seal can save you money on your electricity bill and will keep your fridge running for more years.

Replacing a fault fridge seal can save you up to 15% on your energy bill and will keep your food fresher. 

Usually Fridge seals cost roughly $50-$60 and usually another $100 on top for installation. Most fridge seals are easy to replace yourself, we recommend installing your own seal to save money. Contact us for all your fridge or freezer seal needs! 

Freezer door seal gasket bunnings replacement buy freezer door dometic door, Electrolux, Westinghouse freezer or fridge seals.
brands that we can supply replacement Fridge seals or Freezer Seals for include: 2 Cool, Abyss, Afinox, Albany, Aladdin, Alpeninox, Angelo Po, Anthony, Anvil, Arcus, Ardco, Arneg, Artisan, Austral, Austune, Austwide, Barmaster, Bendex, Berjaya, Beverage Air, Black Magic, Blizzard, Bondor, Brandon, Britex, Bromic, Burton, Caravel, Carrier, Carter Hoffman, Centaur, Central Glass, Chiller, Cisaplast, Convotherm, Comfridge, Cookquip, Cornelius, Criosbanc, Cronos, Crown, Crystal Clear, Crystal Tips, D & S, DL, Delfield, Derby, Desmon, DGD, Electrofreeze, Electrolux, Euro Cryor, Euro Frigor, Everest, Everlasting, Exquisite, FAFI, Fagor, Fairmont, FED, Fisher Paykel, Focus, Foster, Fralu, Framec, Franke, Friginox, Frigorex, Frigrite, Frostech, GEC, Gem, GMD, Goldstein, Gram, Greenline, Gren, Grosvenor, Gurbare, H & K, Harpain, Hec Cater, Hoshizaki, Husky, Hussmann, Iarp, Ice Blue, ICS, Igloo, Iglu, Ilsa Pacific, Inomak, Irinox, ISA, Just, Kelvinator, King's, Kingco, Kleer Kube, Koldtech, Kristina, Kysor Warren, Lainox, Lassele, Leer, Liebherr, Linde, McAlpine, Mafirol, Markforce, Maslen, Mercer, Misa, Mitchel, Mondial, Nightingale, Nuline, Olis, Orband, Orford, Pastorfrigor, Pastorkalt, Petersville, Pioneer, Polar, Polaris/Polariz, Premiere, PureLink, Quick Cool, Quipwell, Quirks, Rational, Refrigerated Displays, Reynolds, Rhino, Rinnai, Riteway, Saeco, Sagi, Sancon, Sanden, Sanyo, Schott, Shacklock, Silver King, Sirius, Skope, Snelle, Snow, Staycold, Stoddarts, Supertron, Surpass. Taylors, Technidoor, Tecnomac, Tekna, Thermaster, Thermatech, Thermoline, TMMC, Topaz, Tundra, Trent, True, Turbo Air, Turbo Line, Tyler, United, Vendo, Vestfrost, Vintec, Vitrifrigo, Wellquip, Williams, Xuing, Zanussi, Zoin and many, many more

We supply fridge seals across all of Australia, Queensland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and  Perth.

fridge door seals play an important role in maintaining the correct operating temperature for your fridges and freezers.

when your seals aren’t functioning correctly then the motor will be running too much as it struggles to maintain a safe temperature.

when the cabinet cannot maintain temperature then food spoilage will occur. No food outlet can afford this, especially when you consider the relatively small cost of replacing fridge seals.

Supplying replacement fridge seals or freezer seals is our specialty and has been for nearly 25 years. We can supply seals for you to ‘DIY’ or they can be installed by our expert installation team (limited area applies).

Commercial brands that we can supply replacement fridge and freezer door seals (gaskets)  for westinghouse, fisher paykel, samsung, haier and LG.

New Fridge Seals Online, Fridge-seal repairs all types of door seals, choose the brand of your fridge from the list and then enter your model number. Buy a new Fridge door rubber or freezer gasket from us. 

We supply Fisher & Paykel fridge seals and freezer seals at the fraction of the cost, These seals are extremely easy to replace yourself.

We sell Kelvinator freezer door seal.  We have been sealing fridges for over 30 years. Please note, there for our installation service seal-a-fridge. Melbourne area, Westinghouse fridge seal and other brands. However if you want a better result contact us. Fridge seal replacements are also available.

Welcome to Fridge Seal Australia, the largest supplier of fridge and freezer door seals. 

Some of our services include Fridge door seals repairs, fridge and freezer seal installations. 

You can bring your doors to us and we can replace your seal on the spot. We supply Bunnings fridge seals also Westinghouse and Kelvinator fridge door seals for  impression series.

Is your fridge not getting cold? Freezer not fixing properly but your Fridge compartment not cooling, However Freezer icing up. a new fridge gasket will save you money and years on your fridges life. 

Fix fridge not cooling? buy a Westinghouse door rubber from us.

easily Save money on your power bills. Buy a seal for your fridge to save money. 

Your Fridge Seals need replacing when they are split, torn or damaged. If your door isn’t closing properly but the seal is in good condition, its not the fridge door seal.

We supply a Fridge seal replacement and Freezer Seal Replacement for all brands and models. Fridge Door Seals can be replaced easily yourself and will save you money in the long run. 

Fridge Seal has been manufacturing and installing fridge Seals for over 33 years.

When it comes to Fridge Seals look no further, We have fridge seals to suit brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Samsung, Haier and Kelvinator and many more. We have Fridge seal Replacements for old and new fridges, commercial and domestic. You can buy fridge seals online through our shop, type your model number in the search bar above. All fridge and freezer door seals come complete with installation instructions. Fridge seals cost around $50-$60 each or around $100 for a pair, installation is usually another $100 on top but we recommend most people install their fridge seals themselves to save money. Fridge seals or fridge door gaskets can save you money on your electricity bill and the life of your fridge. You can’t buy fridge seals bunnings, you are best to purchase them from us online or in store. If you need a new fridge door rubber you have come the right place.