Energy Saving Tips 

As electricity prices escalate, it makes sense to ensure we all use as little power as possible. The refrigerator is believed to make up 15% or more of the average household and restaurant power bill.

Try these Energy Saving Tips tips to help keep costs to a minimum:

At Home

Research indicates that making a few adjustments to the way you use your fridge could save a household as much as $80 per year.

  1. Make sure there’s at least an 80mm of space on all sides of your fridge to allow air to circulate around the rear coils.
  2. Keep the rear of the fridge free of dust.
  3. Put the fridge in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from the oven.
  4. Check the seals by closing a $5 note in the door. If you can pull it out easily you might need to adjust the door hinge or replace the seals.
  5. Don’t open the fridge door more than necessary to keep as much cool air in as possible. Think about what you want from the fridge prior to opening the door.
  6. Allow food to cool before putting it in the fridge (but don’t let it sit at room temperature for too long as this could be a health risk).
  7. If your fridge is not auto-defrost; you should defrost between two and three times per year.
  8. If you run a second fridge, make sure it is in a cool place and turn it off when you aren’t using it for an extended period. Remember to leave the door slightly ajar when turning it off.
  9. Temperature settings for fridges should be 3°C to 4°C and freezers around -15°C to -18°C.

In Business

Many of the same hints apply to businesses as households.

Of course, we believe one of your priorities should be the fridge seals!

In addition, consider installing a door closer on walk in coolrooms (yes you can buy these from Fridge-Seal).

If you have any other questions please contact us for more information

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