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Does Fridge-Seal sell seals to suit most domestic fridges?
Yes, we do most common makes of domestic or household fridges and freezers. Including common brands such as Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Hisense, Haier, Fisher Paykel, Samsung, Admiral, Electrolux, Sharp, Hoover, GE (General Electric), Norge, Lemair, Leonard, LG, Philips and many, many more.
Does Fridge-Seal sell seals to suit most makes of commercial fridges?
Yes, we sell seals to suit cabinets/doors made by Skope, Quirks, True, Technidoor, Ice Blue, Orford, Williams, Fosters, Hussmann, Fagor, Ardco, Austral, Burtons, Anthony and most other brands.
When does my fridge seal need changing?
The seal will show obvious signs of wear, such as being torn or broken, particularly at the bottom of the door which is often out of sight.
Another symptom of a worn door seal is that it is brittle and hard and has lost its flexibility.
Magnets in the seal which hold the door close may lose their strength over time.
If there is a mould build-up or the seal is just generally grotty is also indicative of a seal change time!
How much is my fridge seal going to cost?
Most domestic seals are $55 - 60 and freezer seals around $45. If you buy a pair of seals for a two door cabinet, most are $90-$100 for the pair.
Some imported or larger cabinets may be more.
This is why we ask that you request a free quote on seals for your particular fridge from us.
How do I order a seal?
You can either purchase through our online shop or simply give us a call during business hours.
How long will I have to wait for my seal?
We stock hundreds of different types of seals, so for common cabinets we can generally dispatch within 24 hours.
If we need to manufacture the delay is generally only a day or two.
Can I pick up my seal from Fridge-Seal?
Certainly, but please phone or email first to make sure we have one ready for you.
Where is the model number on my fridge?
This will vary with the brand of the fridge. Most are inside the fridge. Generally either on the left hand wall – just above the crisper drawers, others are found near the bottom of the fridge just above the kickplate.
You should not have to look on the back of the fridge to find a model number.
If you can’t find your model number give us a call or send an email telling us the make of fridge, we’ll be able to help.
Why is the seal on my fridge important?
Your fridge produces cold air to keep the contents cool; fridge door seals hold the cold air inside your fridge. If the seals are worn, this air will be escaping. This can mean food perishes more quickly and your fridge motor works much harder than it should. This will also drive your electricity bill up.
Can Fridge-Seal install a seal on my refrigerator?
Yes, depending on where you are located. Our installation service covers most of the Melbourne Metropolitan area – we can often suggest technicians in other areas.
Do I need to turn my fridge off while my seal is being changed?
No, just remove any frost around the edge of the door or cabinet and ensure any heavy items in the door are removed.
What is the difference between a fridge seal, a fridge gasket and a door rubber?
None, these are just different terms for the same item – a fridge door seal.
Can Fridge-Seal send a seal to me or do I have to pick one up if I want to fit the seal myself?
We use Australia Post's eParcel service for deliveries so can send seals anywhere. This includes free parcel tracking.  
How much is freight?
Within Victoria the price is $14 via post and elsewhere in Australia $18. Overseas parcel costs are calculated individually.
How easy is it for me to change the seal myself?
This depends on the make of the fridge. Some brands have seals that are held in by screws – just loosen the screws, slide the old seal out, make a few adjustments and you’re finished. Some simply push into a slot around the door. Other brands can be more difficult.  Phone us for more information on your particular fridge.
We supply detailed installation instructions with seals and offer free telephone back up should you come across any problems.
How can I pay for my mail-order seal?
We accept Paypal via our shop or Mastercard, Visa, Direct Deposit and EFT for telephone mail-orders.
What holds my fridge door closed?
Most modern seals contain a magnetic strip which holds the seal tight against the fridge cabinet. However, a fridge seal will not make your door close by itself but it will seal the door once it is closed.
Will my electricity bill be affected by a faulty seal?
Definitely. The household fridge contributes around 10% of electricity, in commercial situations the percentage is even higher. These figures are based on refrigerators with good seals. Just imagine how much extra electricity your fridge is using with the refrigerated air constantly escaping through faulty seals!
Can changing my door seal make my fridge or freezer more energy efficient?
Yes! Operating a fridge or freezer with a faulty door seal means it uses more electricity to maintain the required temperature. More electricity means more emissions; so making sure your fridge seals are in good condition will help reduce your contribution towards greenhouse gases.
Consider this:
Did you know that typically a family of four opens the fridge door:
20 times a day,
140 times a week,
7,300 times a year
21,900 times in 3 years
36,500 times in 5 years?
Have you checked your fridge door seals lately?